The Two Selves

pexels-photo-277062.jpegThe universe is full of pairs of opposites that compliment eachother.

  • Left and Right
  • Black and White
  • Up and Down
  • Yin and Yang
  • Hot and Cold
  • Light and Dark

It is reasonable to note that we ourselves can possess some duality. On a daily basis we take on many roles, that require ongoing swifts in our attitude and behavior. For example, when we are in friend mode we act and communicate differently than in parent mode. When we are at work we exhibit different behaviors than we do when we are at home. We quickly learn how to emotionally shapeshift based on the situation.

More than ever, labels that we have given ourselves fail to stick. In some social interactions, you can be a completely outgoing person, while in others you can be totally introverted. One moment you can be fully determined to succeed and in another ready to stop trying altogether.

At times you might feel like you are living with multiple personality types or mindsets. These feelings may be common due to our differing roles, demands and circumstancial expectations. Accept your feelings as they are and realize that they may change from time to time. The universe of you will continue to adapt from now to then.

If you are having problems with functioning please seek professional help.





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