Alone, you are not!


First, stop hiding behind the piece of wood. We can see you. No matter how you feel in the present moment, hiding is only a temporary solution. You are not alone. We all go through bad times, days, weeks, months, years and even decades. You CAN get past the embarrassment, fear, melancholy, pain, disappointment, and or hurt. We have all felt our share of hurt in the past.

  • Have a few go to coping skills ready to draw from during tough times. For example, I know that crafting for a few minutes with simple paper and scissors helps to calm my nerves and settle my soul during hectic periods.  Activities such as dancing, exercising, singing, reading and writing are known to be practical pick me ups.
  • Reach out to a friend, pen pal, family member or counselor who will make time to listen to your concerns. Seek professional help if needed, as needed.
  • You can also consider joining or starting a support group (that meets online or in-person) where you may find people who are going or have been through similar circumstances.

You do not have to conquer the mountain alone. Please do not hide from the world. You are meant to be in it.

You matter!



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