What’s on your Tabula Rasa?


What is on your slate?

Love Joy Sorrow Guilt Fear Pride Bliss

Anger Regret Misery Comfort Gratitude

According to the theory of the Tabula Rasa, we are all born with a blank slate when we enter into the world. Our mind or slate is filled with emotions or feelings derived from our negative and positive life experiences. We will have many teachers that will greatly affect what is added to our slate over time-friends, actual teachers, parents, media, and the critic -yourself. It is important to realize what is on your slate and when it was written there. For example, extreme regret generally is followed by guilt and then possibly misery that can last a lifetime. Everyone has regrets we can assume on their slate that they can hopefully learn from. Try not to write Guilt in permanent ink. Perhaps, it is time to wipe off that regret memory from 20 years ago that is still hurting you. Only keep the thoughts that are important now in helping you to progress or you and your slate will be overloaded.



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