Intro to Snailmailing

I love this fashion stationary.


Letter writing is a fantastic hobby to start. I can share with you some great tips about how to get started. Firstly, realize that it can get costly if you don’t have a spending budget in mind. Letter writing supplies like stationary (paper and envelopes) are inexpensive per item so it is easy to go overboard at times. You will find that the dollars add up pretty quickly. You might want to have a limit such as 10 bucks a week or less after you buy your starter supplies.

  • Scissors

You will need a decent pair of scissors. You may be tempted but do not buy the  cheapest scissors you can find.  You will need a good pair if you want to style your own stationary.

  • Glue Sticks

I also use glue stick on a daily basis to seal the envelopes and to attach paper to the blank postcards. I learned that the dollar brand glue stick does not work as well as the more expensive one.

  • Paper/Envelopes

 You can buy card and envelope sets or you can buy them separately. I have just started making my own envelopes by using envelope and liner templates.

  • Whole puncher/Ribbon

You can find a whole puncher for 2 dollars that works very well. Mostly likely they have ribbon that will match the paper you are using. I punch two or three holes and pull the ribbon through it. Making the mail look more like a gift that has to be opened.

  • Paper clips

I have paper clips in all colors. I even have paper clips that are shaped like a flamingo. You can find 60 clips for a dollar. I use paper clips as an accessory to hold the stationary together when I don’t want to use ribbon.

  • Blank postcards

These are essential when you are using double sided paper. Glue the paper to      one side of the blank postcard. This way one side is decorated and the other side  can be written on. If you are using one sided paper you can just write on the back of it. You want to use these blank postcards only when you absolutely need them to style your letters. They are sold at office supply stores and are pricey.


Even though you have high quality scissors your   stationary will probably not come out evenly because you are not a machine. To help you out with a more professional looking cut job, I would suggest buying a paper trimmer. Again, do not buy the cheapest one. I’ve done that. In short, it ended up in the trash.

Most importantly do not forget to buy stamps. They are about 10 dollars for 20 stamps. Make sure you place a stamp on the envelope before mailing it. It is easier than you think to forget.

Google pen pal sites. If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable giving out your address to someone, don’t. Some people are looking for snail mail and others are looking for email pen pals. Decide what you want to do and who you are interested in writing to. Do not give up if it takes a while to find a consistent pen pal. It will happen and it will be worth the search.


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