The Rejection Queen


The palace has been taking over by a clique of naysayers. They rule the kingdom by the philosophy of NO. No, you can’t stay in the the royal court. No, you can’t have a certain mate. No, you can’t have this position. No, you can’t have the things that you want. You don’t feel like the beloved lucky one anymore. Apparently, the commoners didn’t care enough to help you out. They watched while you were being thrown out. For the first time, you are officially on your own.

The sadness in time will dissipate. It is normal to experience rejection in your lifetime and to not like it. Some people believe that being rejected numerous times will lead them closer to achieving their goals. Generally, people who are deemed “successful” at their craft have experienced many setbacks in the past. They are different from other people in that they are highly self-driven individuals who don’t give up. To succeed you will have to pick yourself up from the ground many times and try again. Keep moving forward and remember you are awesome with or without the crown. 





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