Nikki’s Seven Day Challenge

pexels-photo-1027833.jpegI hear Rome wasn’t built in a day. Was it built in seven days? How many days did it take to build Rome? Someone please research this and let us know………………………

While we wait for the answer to this question let’s look at some tasks that can be completed in the next 7 days.

  1. Run in a marathon.
  2. Read a short novel.
  3. Start a Meetup group.
  4. Join a Book club.
  5. Start a blog.
  6. Write a letter.
  7. Get a haircut.
  8. Join a health club.
  9. Open a savings account.
  10. Clean your closet.
  11. Binge watch a season of a show.
  12. Attend a yoga class.
  13. Make a YouTube video.
  14. Sell an item on Ebay.
  15. Visit an old friend.
  16. Write a short story.
  17. Buy a bicycle.
  18. Submit an article to Wikihow.
  19. Have a garage sale.
  20. Get a library card.
  21. Try out a new restaurant.
  22. Travel to another state.
  23. Apply for a new job.
  24. Volunteer somewhere.
  25. Buy a new laptop.
  26. Join a Facebook group.
  27. Go to a concert.
  28. Write a movie review.
  29. Find a new pen pal.
  30. Donate to a resale shop.
  31. Take a self-defense class.
  32. Make a time capsule.
  33. Start scrapbooking.
  34. Plan a party.
  35. Build Rome out of Legos.


Set some time aside out of each week to have a new experience. Try to complete a task from this list or from your own list. Feel free to post what you did for the 7 day challenge. Thanks!



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