Superpower: Managing Time


This picture is just to unique not to post. Since we are managing time we will jump right into this discussion. You are not alone. Most people have trouble with managing their time. That is why there are numerous books and classes you can take on the subject. If we do the math it would look like we should have enough time to complete all of our tasks.

2018= 365 Days                                                  8760 Hours                                            525,600 Minutes                                    31,536,000 Seconds

However, we tend to look at time on a more micro level (in days) which enables us to manage it better.

Each day consists of 24 hours. We can be vastly different from others in how we spend those hours.

The Standard Day= 6 sleep hours+ 8 work hours+ 8 (errands+free time) hours+ 2 sleep hours.

Generally, you will have less than 8 hours to commute, complete household tasks, handle the unexpected and to engage in recreational activities. Plan out how YOU want to spend YOUR TIME.

  • Say No to invitations if you don’t want to go or if you don’t feel that you have the time to go. You are not obligated by any social law to attend every or any event.
  • Purchase items that will help you use time wisely. For example, spending money on a GPS system can help you save time and gas in the long run. Listening to audiobooks or even talk radio can reduce the stress derived from a long commute and allow you to stay informed or entertained.
  • A daily planner is only helpful if you actually use it. Instead of spending time looking for the best daily planner and planner accessories consider using the calendar and memo pad that is already on your phone.

Please feel free to share tips in the comment section.

Happy planning!




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