Superpower: Saying Goodbye to the One


You finally meet the one. The one that you never forget and never stop caring for. He or she is 98.9% of what you thought you needed. Normally, this would be perfect but it’s not. It’s difficult. As usual, your heart and brain are in disagreement about how to solve this puzzle. There is no easy fix for this dilemma because we don’t fully consciously decide who we fall for. We become prey to the romantic feelings that arise for days, weeks, month and even years. Perk up, there is always hope.


Your Life is a big experiment: Life= YOU(Dependent Variable)/Emotions+Behaviors+ Others(Independent Variable)/Effects of Emotions+Behaviors


YOU are the only constant (dependent) variable in your life. Your life depends on YOU being in it. Other people which are independent variables can be added or substracted from the equation.  Remember, you will most likely be affected by their emotions and behaviors. If someone is not working well in your equation, if possible positively replace them. Say Goodbye.

Build the best!







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