Superpower: Ending Arguments


We’ve all been there before. You are having a fantastic day until you talk to the energy drainer. This conversation will be completely different because you’ve been reading Hope’s Corner. You have been equipped with a new superpower that will not fail.

If you have no desire to argue with the drainer and no need to win an argument follow Tip #1.

Tip #1  Agree with the drainer. (Works well with adults that are verbally ruthless.)

For Example, the drainer accuses you of being SELFISH.

In the drainer’s mind, this SHOULD cause you to feel bad and ruin 10 or more minutes of your day. An argument begins.

So, if you use Tip #1, your response should be “You are absolutely right.”

This is a proven technique since you are agreeing with the drainer, there is no end to argue. You both share the same point of view. They were expecting a different response from you, (No, I’m not!) so they need time to think now. Kudos to you for responding with a positve attitude.

The key here is that it is YOUR DAY.

You DECIDE how you want to mentally spend it.



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