The 100 “Forgotten”

pexels-photo-247644.jpeg                                                                                                                                                    Roco and Tulle said their farewells. They had finally been chosen. Excitement filled their souls. Adventure awaited them. Their owner seemed thrilled.
Weeks passed by without Roco and Tulle leaving their box.
“We are for a special time,” claimed Tulle.
“Perhaps, we are forgotten. Doomed to grow old and dusty. Or be returned and lose value,” stressed Roco.
“Whatever happens, we’ll be together, like we’ve been since creation.”
Roco perked up. “Creation, that’s it. Break my straps.”
“What?” asked Tulle.
“We go to the hospital. I bet it’s full of experience.”
“Nope and you mean the repair shop.” Tulle laughed.

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